Prayer Mats for Home

As Muslims, we all have a prayer mat at home, maybe a souvenir or a gift from a loved one.

No one can deny these are stunning, beautifully crafted and will always have a place in our homes.

At The Prayer Mat Company we have designed Prayer Mats to compliment the modern Muslim home. Simple and classy mats in a variety of colours and fabrics, beautifully made with love in colours and fabrics we hope you will enjoy.

Why our Prayer Mats make the Best gift ever!

  • Treat yourself
  • Ramadan Gift
  • Umrah Gift
  • Hajj Gift
  • Birthday Gift
  • Wedding Gift

How many times have we have given loved one’s a gift they used just once or twice?

What if you could give a gift that would not only be cherished, treated with love and respect but also be used over 1000 times every year. Every time your loved one looks down at their Prayer Mat they will be remembering Allah and also remember the person who gifted it to them.

Subhan Allah it may even encourage someone to pray!

Not only will our Prayer Mats be used daily, it’s also a gift that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Give someone you love a gift they will cherish for life.

Designed by a proud British Muslim and manufactured here in the UK, I really hope you love them as much as I do and I welcome all your comments and suggestions.