Saima Denim Blue Sponge Padded Prayer Mat


Denim Blue Sponge Padded Prayer Mat

Made in Madinah

12mm Thickness

Size 120cm x 70cm


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For those with wood, laminate or tiled flooring we have the ideal solution.

Praying on a hard floor is not great for the knees, and many potential customers have mentioned knee problems, looking for thick padded prayer mats.

We found these gorgeous Thick Sponge Padded Prayer Mats from Madinah incredibly soft and easy on the knees.


You can only appreciate the difference this mat makes to your daily rituals by stepping on one yourself: ‘feeling is believing’. A truly wonderful experience; time and time again! And when not in use the mat folds up and comes in a plastic case with a strap for easy transport and compact storage.


Treat your knees to a Padded Prayer Mat!