About the Prayer Mat Company

Here at The Prayer Mat Company, we design unique contemporary Prayer Mats that compliment today’s Workplace and Modern Home.

Ask anyone who owns a prayer mat, you will find that the only Prayer Mats widely available are the same traditional Prayer Mats that have most likely been around for literally decades, mass produced in countries like Turkey and China years ago and still widely in circulation today. No one can deny they’re beautifully crafted with the most extravagant patterns and an array of colours and there will always be a place for them.

We set up The Prayer Mat Company as a modern alternative, so they can be custom made in any colour to blend in with any environment. They’re designed by Shafeen, a proud British Muslim and lovingly made in Britain as supporting UK manufacturing is important to us.

What you see is just the very beginning of a BIG ambitious dream, the ideas are endless and we are really excited about the future, all we ask for is for your support.

Helping understand Muslims better is a key business objective – whether they’re your staff, customers, visitors or even friends. We offer support, advice and guidance for all and you’ll find that we create simple videos and blogs covering questions we feel businesses are likely to want to ask on topics such as understanding why Muslims fast and prayer times.

We aim to become the go-to place for businesses with questions and plan to constantly build on this part of the business – if you have specific questions you would like us to address it would be great to hear from you and if you find the videos/ blogs helpful please do share!

We are the UK’s First Prayer Mat designer and manufacturer.

The Number 1 place go to for anyone that needs a prayer mat (even if you want one of those old traditional ones – give us a shout!!).

By exceeding expectations, building a strong reputation, delivering a quality service & listening to our customers and critics we plan to persevere and do what it takes to become known as THE BEST!

Thank you for reading this and for supporting us!

About Me

My names Shafeen and I set up The Prayer Mat Company on April 15th 2016 (my daddy’s 84th Birthday). Yup, I’m still a daddy’s girl. I’m just a curious soul, always spotting opportunities. In my mind, I’ve set up numerous businesses but I’ve never actually had the nerve to take a risk, so it was definitely about time I did this.

One day whilst sitting on my prayer mat, an idea came to me that I felt had the potential to be an amazing business and something I could put my heart and soul into. Something (my research found) no one else had thought of and no one else in the UK offers. I’m still incredibly overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of this venture and my mind has not stopped working overtime ever since that day. I wake up every day loving what I do, loving my life, loving my beautifully made prayer mats and I just want to reach out to as many people as possible. So if you’re reading this then Hooray! a BIG thank you for finding me and being part of my journey.

You will notice every Prayer Mat has a name – I’m blessed with so many beautiful people in my life so I felt it only appropriate to name my mats after them. Starting off with my 16 nephews and nieces. Yes 16 – that’s a lot of birthdays so pretty please do help me shift some mats to fund all those birthday presents ?

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos – yikes! I honestly have no idea why my nerves kick in when the camera starts rolling, I’m certainly a lot more confident in person!

What do I hope to achieve by setting up The Prayer Mat Company?

Well first and foremost to make an honest living, please my creator and make my parents & family proud.

I would love to hear what you think, your feedback, comments, suggestions are always very welcome.

Stay Happy & Smile Always!

Shafeen Khan


Founder/ Designer / Biscuit Lover and Queen of Prayer Mats!

The Prayer Mat Company

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