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The Prayer Mat Company
Handmade Embroidered Prayer Mat Rug Carpet
Handmade Hand Embroidery Prayer Mat Rug Carpet Praying Salah Sejadah Musallah

The Hadia Handmade Prayer Mat


Handmade Prayer Mat

Embroidered Using Silk Threads

Empowering Women in Kashmir


This item will not be gift boxed

Size: 108cm x 68cm

Weight: 1.12 kg

Each Prayer Mat is Unique

Beware of fake imitations made by machine.

Cotton Lining underneath

Production time: each prayer mat is made by a team of women and took over 3 weeks to complete each one.

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The Prayer Mat Company is proud to be offering a unique range of Prayer Mats that are Handmade by underprivileged vulnerable women in Kashmir being taught skills enabling them to earn a living with respect and dignity as part of a long term sustainable development programme.

The women attend a vocational training centre in Kashmir run by Mother HelpAge and each Prayer Mat takes over 3 weeks for a team of women to hand embroider. No two Prayer mats are the same, they’re all unique 1 off pieces using amazingly colourful shiny silk threads and vybrant wools. You have to see and feel the spectacular quality to truly appreciate the workmanship that has gone into each Prayer Mat.

Only by knowing the story behind these Prayer Mats and Wall Hangings will you truly appreciate the value of owning something this special. No pictures can do them any justice and part of the proceeds from the sale of these Prayer Mats are sent back to Kashmir for the women & towards running the vocational training centre.

Let’s support Empowering Women in Kashmir!!